Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blues/Roots Jam at Bar Mendocino

Yesterday was Monday jam night at Bar Mendocino in Helsinki. I invited Lidia from International friends meeting with me, and she seemed to enjoy herself totally. Looks like this place is a well-kept secret, I only discovered it last fall.

The bands played sturdy blues, rock and roots type music. Even Elvis Presley showed up!!
Other singers colored the atmosphere in 60s, 70s style.

I joined few pieces with my tenor sax where I could manage with blues scale and chords. Because of guitar players some songs had 4-5 sharps for me, but who cares - in blues they are flattened, anyway. :-)

From my musician friends Anders Jansson was there playing keyboard and baritone sax, excellent solos. Hannu Rantanen came later to play bass and Pekka played his trumpet.

Good time was had by everyone, thanks for the accompaniment.

BASICS of ROCK & ROLL for a saxophonist

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Saxland said...

Hi Harri:
Happy to hear that you've been doing "some good rockin' tonight!"

If other player are interested in playing blues and rock n' roll Saxontheweb.net has a free, online teaching resource that takes the player from the basics all the way into the recording studio, including sound clips and transcripts from many great players.

When it comes to solos in blues and rock n' roll, often "less is more". As John Barrow, a great player from England, commented in an interview with Saxontheweb.net:
"It’s not what you play but what you leave out that makes the difference.
How many players today, for example, are familiar with the great jump blues and rock n’ roll sax players from the 1950’s like Lee Allen and Joe Houston? They could take just two or three notes and transform them into a sound so memorable that it seemed without limit."