Thursday, April 02, 2009

Putin's Dog Steals Treats

Reuters from Moscow on April 1st:
Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's pet dog gobbled up snacks prepared for United Russia bosses on Wednesday.
While Putin discussed ways to help the local food industry, his black Labrador Koni snuck into a room at his residence and tucked into the delicacies.
"Koni ate everything," said one of Putin's astounded bodyguards.
April Fools or not, but what they say: Over time dogs and their masters start to resemble each other, perhaps even behave the same way.
The timing for this news item was very appropriate because I just returned from the National Theater in Helsinki. The play was Kari Hotakainen's "Who is who" (in Finnish). In the play appeared (now 184 years old) Dostoevsky and Putin whose role was skillfully played by Jukka Puotila. A hilarious night in theater.

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John Wedow said...

Mr. Putin has a beautiful Lab , thats a good person because Labs wont hang out with jerks