Monday, July 20, 2009

Q & A #4: Saxophone reed strength

Donald wrote:

 I have been playing the Soprano for a number of years. I have always used the #3 or #3½ reed. (I have played Alto, Tenor and Bari at times too.) There was a guy at our church recently and he was playing the Soprano (Jupiter) using a #2 reed. I tried a #2 a couple of weeks ago and that's my reed from now on.

Harri answered:
Dear Donald:
once again these are not very straightforward questions (nor answers). I know some players who think that it is a "manly thing" to play a #4 or #5 reed. And then they keep struggling.

Besides the embouchure of the player, much depends upon the particular characteristics of your mouthpiece such as size of tip opening, design of the chamber and baffle, and the facing curve.

Playing saxophone should not be a distress, but rather an enjoyment. I have been playing #2 - 2½ reeds on my soprano, alto, tenor and baritone, and I am pleased myself with the results.

Did anyone comment your tone after you switched from #3½ reed to #2?

Good luck,

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stealth_swimmer said...

yea i know on tenor i can play on a #4 reed with a selmer C* but a 3 1/2 is perfect for my selmer S90 180 mouthpiece. Also, i could never get as clean a sound as i wanted on alto using a 3 1/2. I remember playin an alto again and i thought i was just super rusty but I switched to a size 3 reed and it was perfect. The sound came out super clear.

Anonymous said...

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