Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ride The Wild Wind - Sonny Del-Rio Interview

Deep gutted. Full chromed. Slammed to the floor.
Supercharged Merc’. Bustin’ for more.
Blue smoke trailing,
Stars tumbling out of the sky,
My wild-eyed passenger screaming,
'I don't wanna die!'

Two weeks under lock and key,
‘Compulsive. Unpredictable’.
That’s what they’d laid on me.
But… a lucky break- an open window, a quick phone call.
Grab the sax. Bail out the car.
Look out Marco's Club, here I come.

People soon will be yelling:
'More! More! More!’'
As my sax gets them jumpin’
across a jammed dance floor.

Turn to my buddy:
‘I'm not trying to kill you, man!
Just getting you ready for some
~ Neil Sharpe

Rock n' Roll. Straddling the rhythm-and-blues-powered-engine of change. The music that saved a generation. And not a moment too soon.
Which isn't to say, it went easy…

If I was sick, rock was my medicine. If I was lonely, it was my friend. If I was down, it was my inspiration. It was pure joy, a blessing and…sometimes a curse...

Neil Sharpe Neil Sharpe's (left) Interview of Rock n’Roll saxophonist Sonny Del-Rio, Part One now available.

‘Let The Good Times Roll’ from Sonny’s album “Two Hound Blues”:


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