Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The evolution of Sax on the Web logos

The Sax on the Web site has been around for more than twelve years now, and the Discussion Forum turned ten years old last fall.

The first logos portrayed on the site were pretty rough, produced with rough tools and with minimal graphic design talent (mine). Please, do not use any "way back when" searches, I am not too proud of my renditions.

Then I turned to some people with more talent. Here is the first outcome.

After that I contacted my ex-colleague Heikki Luhtala. The logo he designed (on the left) was around for a long time. A T-shirt and a Messenger bag sporting that logo are still available from SOTW Gift Shop as "nostalgia items".

Canadian graphic artist Kim Pelletier, who is also a saxophonist, has been around Sax on the Web as long as the SOTW Forum existed. her contributions to the graphic image of the SOTW site has been significant. Besides designing cartoons for the SOTW front page she came up with a logo design that has been around since then. The SOTW Gift Shop has many items with the SOTW logo that Kim designed.

Last fall when the SOTW Forum celebrated ten years anniversary, Kim designed a new logo to commemorate that significant milestone. She started from sketch sporting the saxophone characters which have become her signature.

And the final result is below, thanks Kim.

Added later:

The latest development

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