Friday, March 13, 2009

Is Rock and Roll that harmful after all?

How Rock n' Roll is perceived by the general public has certainly changed over decades. I still remember my school science class in late fifties when were supposed to listen to a recording of bird sounds. A rascal slipped a record of Bill Haley's "Rock around the Clock" to the player instead. The poor female teacher was about to get a heart attack. The advent of Rock n'Roll served as a great weapon in hands of the younger generation to rebel against the parents and authorities. Some examples of rock related Censorship Incidents in the USA in 1950s.

How was jazz introduced to Finland? The legend has it that American-Finnish musicians brought it to Finland with M/S Andania arriving in Helsinki harbor 1926. The new musical genre was immediately anathematized by the clergy. Especially they viewed syncopation as an invention by the devil.

In today's view the rebelling young generation needs more powerful tools for aggravating elders. Heavy metal and Hard Rock has certainly taken that position, because the "classic" Rock n' Roll and performed e.g. by Elvis is really "lame". I have tried a few times my hand in Rock&Blues jam nights in Bar Mendocino and enjoyed myself a lot. My thanks go to Neil Sharpe for assembling and editing the Blues, R&B, Rock Saxophone teaching resource to Sax on the Web. I have learned a lot and Rock n' Roll did not hurt my soul.

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