Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bar Mendocino, Tall Ships, and Horses in the Lobby

What does this blog title mean? You figure it out, but it was another exhilarating Monday night (October 12, 2009) in the premier Helsinki roots/blues jam venue; Bar Mendocino.

There were two reasons for a special celebration. The multi-instrumentalist and, blues/jazz talent Rene Reinikainen was in town. We had an important gig for following night for BTA (Bob's Take Away) and Rene agreed to fill in for bass for this gig.

In the above pictures Rene (red shirt) is jamming with base guitar and harmonica. 

Also, Rene and I managed to lure Robert "Bob" Rasmus, against his will, to the scene of the crime. Roba played some magnificent guitars solos and accompanying Kojo, who still has his say about singing the blues.

Kojo singing in the front. Roba on guitar.

 Blues-Pekko and Roba jamming.

Other high points of the night:

Köpi on drums and the company. 
  Horn section: Anders Jansson and Harri.

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