Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Tipitina's, Tall Ships and Horses in the Lobby

"The Crossroads. That decision every musician must make.

It came while sitting in a ramshackle tour bus, squeezed in between the great drummer Jack Pedlar and a 300 pound entertainer..."

Part Two Interview Sonny Del-Rio by Neil Sharpe

You moved so gracefully across that smoky room,
You thought those saxophones were playing just for you,
We danced a fantasy in syncopated time,
This must be love, I felt that magic when your lips
Met mine.
“Say You Will”  
(Sonny Del-Rio from the album “40 Years of Rock n’ Roll”)

We got a red-hot band,

We’re gonna rock your blues away.

Sonny Del-Rio
Welcome To Saxland

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